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Home Grown Produce


Here at Edgecomb's Farm Market we believe in the philosophy that our farm originated with by Nelson Hammond in 1868, and that is home grown locally!  We strive to produce the the most delicious and blemish free produce in our fields and small gardens right here on our farm.  Though we are not organically certified we strive to farm as organically as possible.  We grow all our own vegetables right here on our farm and any fruit that we offer comes from the Old Mission Peninsula.  Nothing we offer at our farm market is shipped in from outside our great Northern Michigan area!  With that, we want to be YOUR FARM MARKET AND FARMER!

Our philosophy

At Edgecomb's Farm Market it is our goal to provide you with the freshest, blemish free, organic as possible, and tastiest produce at a reasonable price.  Much of our produce is hand picked, washed, and displayed daily at our market so you are getting the freshest and most flavorful produce available!  

Every day


Straight from our farm


Being a farmer in Northern Michigan has its rewards and limitations when it comes to growing our own produce.  We can grow some great tasting produce that will be some of the most flavorful you have ever tasted but the window for harvest can be very limited.  This is the very reason why the selection of fresh delicious produce can be so very short but at the same time so very flavorful!

Please do note that we are a fully functioning farm and many "in season" fruits and vegetables being harvested have a short window of availability which leaves us little time to update our website as to what is current at the market. Pleases feel free to contact us by phone or text to find out whats currently "in season".